Important Security Update from Bristol Airport Police for the Champions League Final 2017

At Bristol Airport Spotting we work closely with Bristol Airport Police to provide the eyes and ears when spotting around the airport. With the upcoming Champions League Final next weekend we have received an update from Police Inspector Barney Gardom:

Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

You will all have seen the tragic news from Manchester and the recent development that the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) raised the threat level to critical on Tuesday night. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those who have lost their lives or been injured.  I can confirm that we are taking extra security measures at Bristol Airport and many other places throughout the region. At the airport we are working very closely with Airport Security to ensure that all the passengers and staff can feel safe and be safe. Some of these measures are visible, but there are other measures that you will not see.

You will all know that we are expecting a significant number of Real Madrid fans to come through the airport next weekend as they make their way to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff for the UEFA Champions League Final. I understand that this is the biggest sporting event in the world for 2017. We are working hard with UEFA, South Wales Police, British Transport Police, Highways England and other agencies to ensure that the game is a ‘showcase’ for what we can do in the region. Again, making the fans be safe and feel safe is  our priority.

Meanwhile please can I ask you to keep your eyes and ears open. If you see anything concerning, either at the airport or elsewhere, then call 101 or the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789321 or 101.

Please can I ask you to watch a Youtube video called Eyes Wide Open, a video about suspicious behaviour, not the Sabrina Carpenter song. Although it is aimed at those working in security it contains some useful information.

Best wishes

Barney Gardom
Bristol Airport Police Ports Unit