The table below shows the airlines that regularly fly into and out of Bristol Airport, however from time to time there are other chartered airlines which can be seen.

Logo Airline Days Aircraft Type
 aer-lingus Aer Lingus MTWTFSS ATR42, 72
  Air Malta Tuesday (summer) Airbus A320
 aurigny Aurigny MTWTFSS ATR72
Balkan20Logo_1 Balkan Holidays Varies depending on season A320/A319
 blue-islands Blue Islands op by Flybe MTWTFSS ATR42
 brussels-airlines Brussels Airlines MTWTFSS CRJ900
easyjet easyJet MTWTFSS Airbus A319, A320, A320neo
KLM-logo KLM MTWTFSS E190, E170, F70
ryanair Ryanair MTWTFSS Boeing 737-800
thomson-logo TUI MTWTFSS Boeing 757-200, Boeing 737-800
Wizz Air MTWTFSS (as of Apr 2016) A320