On behalf of Bristol Airport we ask all of our members, spotters and enthusiasts to be drone aware, if you see someone operating a drone above or around Bristol Airport please call the airport on 01275 473952, you will need to report the following:

  • Location of the drone
  • Size, colour and markings of the drone
  • Any lighting on the drone
  • Speed and direction
  • Flying style (smooth, erratic, hovering)
  • Length of time visible for
  • Approximate height above the ground

If you own your own drone please ensure you follow these guidelines:

  • Do not fly within 5 km of the airport, it is against the law if you do
  • Remember to stay below 400ft
  • Observe your drone at all times – stay 50ft away from people and property
  • Never fly a drone near aircraft
  • Enjoy your drone responsibly

For further information please visit dronesafe.uk

Download the Bristol Airport Drone Awareness Poster here.

Download the UK CAA Drone Code document here.