Update from Bristol Airport Police Spring 2018

As a spotting group we work closely with both Bristol Airport and Bristol Airport Police to help share information and be the eyes and ears around the airport perimeter, we have recently recieved the below update from Inspector Gardom at the airport police along with links further down this article to some useful Youtube videos.

Dear Bristol Airport Spotters, 

I hope that you have survived the cold snap. As you know, we have not seen anything like it for many years and the huge pile of snow that you can see on the northwest side of the apron indicates the amount of work necessary to get the airport back open. The Police Team are relieved that we  are back to ‘business as usual’ after a challenging week.

The national security situation is still a  concern.  The national security threat level is at ‘Severe’ and I would ask you to continue to keep your eyes and ears open for anything that appears suspicious, both at the airport and where you live and work. We need the assistance of members of the public to provide that vital ‘heads up’, that vital intelligence and those vital ‘eyes and ears’. The security services cannot do this alone.

Please can I point you towards two videos on Youtube that are particularly relevant. The first is It’s okay to say, from the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure. I must warn you that you will either love it or hate it, but I think that it gets over some key messages about how malicious people can exploit complacent people and how we all need to ensure that we are not that complacent person. The second is Run, Hide, Tell, which explains what to do in the event of an attack. The advice is simple, but if you are caught up in an incident it provides some really useful life-skills.

When you see my officers feel free to flag them down for a chat.

Best wishes 

Barney Gardom  

It’s okay to say

Run, hide, Tell