Bristol Airport Spotting ID Card Scheme

Quite some time back we started to explore the idea of setting up and running a Bristol Airport Spotting ID Card Scheme, we are now looking to progress this further to an intended launch but before we do we need to get an idea of numbers of people who would be interested in joining, there would be a small cost to join which covers printing of the ID card and a lanyard, some ARGUS training would also be provided by Bristol Airport Police as part of the scheme. The ID cards would have no security or access rights and are purely for spotter identification purposes only, we are looking to work towards a similar model adopted at Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted who also work in partnership with the airport police. If you would like to join please can you submit your name and email address using the following Mailchimp form –, we will then contact you once we have an idea of numbers and if the project can progress as intended.