Our first newsletter has been sent out

We are pleased to announce that our first newsletter has been sent out to all of our newsletter subscribers, thanks go to Callum for designing and populating the first newsletter with a roundup of news, information and interesting aircraft due at the airport.

Earlier this month we reported that Bristol Airport Spotting are pleased to announce that we will be starting a new monthly News Letter service. Users can opt in to receive a PDF document every month, containing information on what has been going on over the past month at BRS. It will also include BAS news as well. The idea was first posted on the Facebook page and received a overwhelming positive response from followers. They also said that they would like it to be a PDF format. We will keep all the versions of the newsletter on our website, so you can go though and take a look at previous versions.

To get your newsletter please make sure you have subscribed by entering your email address into the box in the right hand bar.