Celebrating our first birthday

A few days ago Bristol Airport Spotting passed its first birthday, a lot has happened in a year and we have grown to have many friends, followers and supporters of the airport and our group of enthusiasts.

So what has happened this past year? Our website and branding were given a major makeover, the website now includes a member photo gallery, newsletter signup, blog posts and news and the launch of our own Twitter page. We have also been recognised by both Bristol Airport and Bristol Airport Police and we continue to work closely with the airport police and will soon be launching an airport watch scheme in partnership with the airport police. Our Facebook page has soared to well over 800 likes at the time of writing this article and continues to grow by the day.

Over the next year we hope to organise an exciting aviation event at the airport, launch the airport watch scheme, participate in a trial of online spotting software and further improve our website and facilities to like minded enthusiasts.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends, followers and fans of Bristol Airport and Bristol Airport Spotting and to say thank you for helping make this site what it is today!