Message from Inspector Barney Gardom of the Bristol Airport Police Unit

Following our recent announcement that Bristol Airport Spotting will be working closely with Bristol Airport Police we have pleasure in posting the first message from Inspector Barney Gardom:

Thank you for letting me ‘have a slot’ on the Bristol Airport Spotting webpage. We have a small team of uniformed officers who work at the airport 24/7 to keep the airport safe for the staff and passengers here. We can only do this with the help of others. The police team relies on passengers, staff, visitors, local residents and others to be our ‘eyes and ears’. Please can I ask the plane spotters to help us as well. The team deals with a wide range of incidents and not all of them relate to aircraft. We also respond to alcohol related issues, lost people, traffic matters, domestic violence and many of the issues that local neighbourhood officers would recognise.

I hope to give you a regular update for your website, but meanwhile can I just ask that if any of the plane spotters see something or hear something that causes them concern then they phone the team on 07789 176637. Please feel free to flag down the officers during their perimeter patrols if you want to discuss something.

I look forward to working with you all in the future

Barney Gardom