Bristol Airport is expected to handle more than nine million passengers in 2019, bringing the total passengers closer to the current annual amount of 10 million per year.  A planning application was submitted in December 2018 which seeks to raise the current passenger cap to 12 million passengers per annum, which is an increase of 2 million passengers per annum.

Bristol Airport Spotting are actively supporting this application and we are asking our members, visitors and supporters to also support the application. To do this please register your support on North Somerset Council’s website:

Simply click on the ‘Make a comment’ button and complete the form, your help and support will be greatly appreciated by Bristol Airport Spotting.

Artists Impression of the Development Plans:

Click on the photos below to see high resolution artists impressions of how the airport could look in order to handle 12 million passengers a year.

Key benefits of gaining permission to grow Bristol Airport:

  • New airline routes and increased frequency of flights for both business and leisure passengers
  • Additional jobs on site and in the local community e.g. hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions
  • Growth in tourism in the local region
  • Additional car parking to meet demand and to help reduce impacts in the local communities
  • Enhanced Local Community Fund – adding to the £1 million granted to local projects since 2012

Video of the proposed developments: