Bristol Airport’s most important contribution to the South West is its role as regional gateway for domestic and international travel. It’s vision is to further develop the air services in order to play a leading role in the economic development of the South West region. It aims to do this by providing an increasing range of frequent scheduled services to the destinations required by business.

It also aims to meet the growing demand for leisure travel, by residents within the airport catchment area, by widening the choice of services. By providing connecting services linking Devon and Cornwall into the Bristol Airport route network, the airport hopes to act as a gateway for tourists visiting the South West and the UK.

Bristol Airport is committed to the continued investment in the sustainable development of the Airport delivering world class facilities supporting the economic and social prosperity of the South West Region.

Other future proposals will include:

  • Apron extensions connected to the enlarged terminal building by walkways, eliminating the use of airside buses for the majority of flights
  • Additional car parking
  • An improved passenger pick-up and drop-off zone
  • A new fuel farm, with an underground storage option being considered
  • New office accommodation.

Work continues on the detailed proposals and supporting studies required as part of a planning application. Once complete, Bristol Airport will consult further with a wide range of stakeholders and make detailed plans available to the public for information and comment. All feedback will be carefully considered, and adjustments made to the scheme where appropriate, before submission to North Somerset Council.

In completing the development at Bristol Airport, a rise in passengers is expected to reach 10 million by 2016. Developments include extended car parking on both south and north sides of the airport, to accommodate the passenger growth.

Land inside the airport boundary has been allocated for an enlarged fuel depot, new fire station, new administration building, and an on-site hotel. Bristol Airport has thoroughly considered the effects of noise pollution, environment and climate change, landscape and visual impact, public transport and land access in its master plan.

Expansion Gallery:
To view the images please click on the thumbnails below to see how the new airport terminal will look once completed.