Winters Lane North

This place is good for general spotting when aircraft landing on runway 27 taxi back to the terminal. You can also catch aircraft taking off from runway 9, as they taxi to take off. You won’t always get props up there, because they turn down the taxiway prior to the end, therefore cutting out that section of the runway. While good for general viewing. this is not the best place for photography because the fence has been placed there.

Getting Here

If you are coming up from the South, with the Airport on your left hand side, you will come up to the Silver Zone Car park and Bristol Flying Centre roundabout. Go across this roundabout, and you will pass under the runway 27 threshold. Keep going until you get to the next roundabout, which is for the main terminal. Go across that one, down a little hill under a bridge, then take the first left into Downside Road.

If your coming down to the airport from the North, with the airport on your right, you will pass a pub called the Airport Tavern, and the bridge mentioned above will be right in front of you. Turn right into Downside Road.

When you get into Downside Road, keep going straight ahead. You will pass the airport tower and freight entrance on your left. Keep going until you see a red phone box and a sign saying “Tall Pines Golf Club and Lodges”. Turn left there into ‘Cooks Bridle Path’. This is a tight lane so be careful for oncoming traffic and regular tractor activity.

Continue up that lane, past the golf course on your right, down another little hill and back up the other side. You will then come to a bend where you will find the airport perimeter fence, and the main taxiway.


Example Photos

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